More than four million Brits are suffering from such intense stress it is making their hair fall out, according to a new study. One in ten adults across the UK is enduring hair loss or pre-mature baldness due to stress problems. Women are suffering more than men, with 74 per cent saying they are stressed compared to 59 per cent of men, according to a survey of 3,000 people.

The generation of mums who have been trying to do it all - work, maintain a home and relationship and raise children - are the worst hit, paying the price for long hours at work and home with stress-related illnesses. The survey found that females between the age of 35 and 45 are the most likely to suffer from stress-related conditions such as eczema, migraines and high blood pressure.

And 12 per cent of women say stress makes their long wigs fall out compared to just eight per cent of men. Alopecia areata, where random bald patches on the head occur, is often a result of stress. It can lead to alopecia totalis, complete baldness, like that suffered by television presenter Gail Porter. Gail, 35, lost all her hair due to stress after the breakdown of her marriage last year.

Anne McCracken, stress expert for the International Stress Management Association, said: ''Stress puts the whole body out of balance and weakens the immune system. ''People who are stressed can have symptoms like insomnia or hair loss that go on for years and never get better because they never stop being stressed.''

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